About Us

Xn8 Sports is an established brand in manufacturing, designing and selling Boxing & Fitness products in the market. A group of Boxing and MMA experts have decided to launch Xn8 Sports as a leading brand in the market. We have a quality assurance team who carefully design, test and market the products to meet the challenging requirements of big names in this field. This is our guarantee to provide you the best service and quality products and that is the reason the brand has earned a very positive reputation and feedback for style, quality and new trends from experts in the field. Our online shop has been successfully distributing our products in UK, Europe and the rest of the world, and has earned popularity between our customers due to the vast range of quality products at competitive prices. 

This is our guarantee to keep you happy by buying from Xn8 Sports. Try our products and if you are not happy and do not meet your expectations we are here to happily exchange or refund.

Your satisfaction is our guarantee!Please contact us to find out more about us