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prevent joint pain 05/11/2018

Simple Tips and Tricks to Prevent Nagging Joint Pain

There’s an old saying in the world of fitness that goes, ‘No pain, no gain,’ but when it comes to protecting your joints, that saying is best ignored. Keeping fit through exercise is always a great idea, but injuring your joints can hamper more than just your training goals; it can affect how you get on at home and at work, as well. Thankfully, many sprains and strains can be avoided by simply knowing what to look out for, and with the assistance of supports and braces you can improve... Read More

yoga lose belly fat 24/09/2018

5 Basic Yoga Exercises to Help Lose Belly Fat

Belly fat is among the most stubborn areas of fat to burn off; we all know this. An unhealthy diet, low levels of exercise and high levels of stress can all contribute to the widening of our abdomens and the build up up belly fat, and this can put us at risk of serious health problems in the long run. There are unfortunately no shortcuts to getting rid of it, and targeted fat burning for specific parts of the body is not possible, but it’s not all doom and gloom.... Read More

what is mma fighting 08/08/2018

What is MMA Fighting and What are the Benefits?

If you keep hearing people talking about MMA, you’d be forgiven for not fully understanding what it’s all about. In short, MMA fighting is a combat sport that allows the use of a variety of martial arts techniques including punches, kicks, locks, holds and throws. As a sport that has been steadily growing in popularity for years, there is still rather a lot of confusion and questions surrounding this varied and exciting combat style. Here we’ve answered some of the main questions you’ve been asking about MMA fighting and why... Read More


What is Functional Fitness? Your Guide to Exercising for the Everyday

Did you know you can train your body to be better at everyday life? It’s called functional fitness, and it’s the everyday training you’ve probably been doing without even knowing it. In a nutshell, functional fitness is all about preparing your body for daily tasks and everyday situations. That includes everything from climbing the stairs to carrying heavy shopping and running for the bus. Functional fitness movements are therefore designed to mimic these everyday actions, encouraging your muscles to work together and building up your body’s strength, mobility and stability... Read More


Body Weight Training: The Ultimate No-Equipment Workout

Did you know you can build a great physique without the help of any equipment or a gym membership? Little equipment training or, better yet, no-equipment training is a breath of fresh air to those with limited space and funds who are looking for ways to build muscle, and that’s precisely what body weight training offers. What is Body Weight Training? In a nutshell, body weight training is a form of strength training that uses nothing but your own body weight to provide resistance. This means you can improve strength... Read More


What Is CrossFit? Here’s What You Need To Know

Love a challenge? Get bored of repetitive exercise routines? Meet CrossFit, your new favourite workout style. But what is CrossFit? Here’s what its inventor, Greg Glassman, describes it as: ‘Constantly varied functional movements executed at high intensity across broad time and modal domains’. OK, so that probably hasn’t cleared much up for you. But here’s the definition of CrossFit in a slightly simpler nutshell: CrossFit is an exercise regime made up of a wide range of different exercises, designed to help you build muscle and make you stronger, fitter and... Read More