Mind, Body & Soul: Why You Should Practise Yoga For Stress Relief

yoga for stress relief

Have you considered practising yoga for stress relief?

Stress is one of the major underlying causes of many health problems in the UK. In a recent survey, 74% of the people polled were so stressed that they felt unable to cope with the pressure, leading to a sharp decline in the nation’s wellbeing.

The good news is there are many things you can do to help reduce your anxiety levels, and one of the easiest methods is through practising yoga for stress relief. The benefits of yoga are undeniable, which is why over 36 million people world wide practise yoga every single year.

Here at Xn8 Sports, we’re keen to see the number of people doing yoga grow even higher, so more of us can see and feel the amazing effects yoga has on the body. With that in mind, we’ve come up with three of the best reasons why you should be performing yoga to relieve stress.

Clear your mind

yoga stress relief lotus

Stress can play havoc with the mind, so it’s important to explore practises that actively encourage you to stop thinking about anything that causes your anxiety to kick in. Practising yoga for stress relief will help free problematic thoughts from your mind as you have to concentrate on holding your pose and focus on your breathing. In time, forgetting your issues — even if it’s just for a few minutes a day — will become second nature, and you should find tackling those issues easier with a clear and focused mind.

Relax your body

It’s not just the mind that suffers when stress hits; the body can take a bit of a beating, too. Thankfully, you don’t have to be super bendy or double-jointed to practise yoga for stress relief, as you can achieve the same results with something as simple as the corpse pose.

Lie on a yoga mat, flat on your back with your legs slightly separated and with your arms at your side facing palm up. Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Within five minutes, you should be in a state of relaxation. Notice how your breathing becomes slow and measured, and how the tension in your body starts to relieve. Not bad for a pose that only requires you to lie on your back, right?

Free your soul

Traditionally, yoga is performed to help bring a person’s soul closer to the Divine. Not everyone who practises yoga for stress relief will believe in a higher power, but the effects of practising yoga can make you feel more in tune with others and the world around you.

yoga for stress relief mind free

The calming effects that come from studying certain yoga techniques can help you to live in the now instead of constantly thinking about what may or may not happen in the future. To live in the moment, free from worry, may be the only way to truly find enlightenment in this world.


At times, it can feel as though life is getting on top of you, but it’s important not to let that mindset rule your life. Practising yoga for stress relief is a great way to channel all your worries into something positive and the benefits are irrefutable.

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